About A Girl

So there she was. Sat at the corner of the coffee shop, she looked so pale and tired.
When one door closes, another door opens. 
She'd love to believe but she refused to believe.
She just want him to be around, she just want to sleep around his arms.
She started to wonder how many times she has spent thinking and talking about him.
She started to wonder how many chances gone away with the wind just because she didn't take it.
Then she started to cry.

She remember about the days that they spent when he was around.
The things that she wished she would make it but she didn't.
She remember about conversations, about the citylights, about how the music and the beat sound like.
The music and the beat, the passion and the dreams, the city and the memories.

She just tired. At first she didn't know why, but now she knows.
She's just tired of hoping, she's just tired of waiting.
But all she wants is, still, him to be around, to be hers, forever.

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