A Trip to Medina & Mecca

2016 is not over yet, indeed, but I already think that 2016 is pretty exciting, or should I say, very exciting. So far, I made a lot of life changing decisions this year, and also, I went to a lot of interesting places.

In January 2016, I went to Medina and Mecca for one of my religion's pilgrimage called Umrah. It took ten-hour-flight to get there. Fortunately, the sky was clear and I got a seat near the window.

The first city that I visited in this trip was Medina. Medina is such a beautiful city. I swear, my heart melt so many times in this city. I finally saw many historical places of my religion. I cried so many times in Al-Masjid an-Nabawi and Raudha. I also visited Masjid Quba, the place of Uhud Battle, date palm garden, and many other herigates and sanctuaries of moslem.

The sky and clouds from the plane on my way to Medina. Beautiful!

Beautiful Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Prophet Muhammad SAW's Holy Masjid <3

Group of pigeons and breathtaking view around Nabawi. 

Masjid Quba, Medina.

A long time ago, the Battle of Uhud happened here.

I'm deeply in love with Medina. The places, the weather, the ambience. Every corner of the city make me I left my heart on Medina. I promise myself that I'll go there again someday.

The second city I visited was Mecca. Mecca is.... magical. If you say New York is the sleepless city, you have to see Mecca. I found the best description of cosmopolitanism in this city, where all nations, races, and tribes are gather to praise Allah SWT, the only God we believe strongly.

I finally saw the holy Ka'bah that being the direction everytime I pray called Qibla.  I finally visited Masjidil Haram and pray on it. And I finally did Umrah in Mecca. I was beyond blessed and happy.

I also visited so many historical and holy places in Mecca, such as Jabbal Rahmah and so on. I also visited Camel Farm in Mecca. Yes, it was fun to finally look at Arabic Camel that close.

Beautiful Masjidil Haram <3

It's Ka'bah! Subhanallah! <3

Zam-zam tower in front of Masjidil Haram. 

Jabbal Rahmah.

The camels!

Mecca is magnificent and I'm in love with the city too. I also promise myself to come back again someday.

My Medina and Mecca trip was amazing! I feel how God is great. I always miss the ambience of Medina and Mecca when everyone prays and praises Allah SWT.

I went back to Jakarta by ten-hour-flight from Jeddah, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It was tiring yet very extra-ordinary trip that feed my soul and spiritual needs. I really hope I can come back again, soon!

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