One Fine & Happy Birthday Trip

In May 2016, I turned into 23. Being on twenty-something is.... something that I know would happen to me, but I never expected the time would come THIS fast, haha.Well, as a birthday present, my parent gave me return tickets to Bali, the island of Gods.

I think Bali is perfect place to celebrate my birthday. I went to Bali with Chitra, but on Bali we met our friend, Damay who currently lives there. I arrived in Bali on beautiful Satuday night. From the airport, Chitra and I straightly headed to Damay's dormitory. We took some nap and took a rest before the real holiday start.

First Day

It was a good and very fine sunny Sunday. After had some breakfast we went to Kuta to rent a motorcycle. After that, we went to Kuta Beach Walk and buy some things that we thought we need. We headed to Pandawa beach afterwards. It took so many adventure, Chitra and I almost being ticketed by the police, but it was all worth it.Pandawa beach is.... very beautiful and breathtaking. The water is so blue and crystal clear. The sand is so white. Very picturesque.

I told you, it is crystal clear!

After that, we planned to see sunset at Double Six beach but we can't manage to reach Double Six since Chitra and I got lost and there was a traffic aroung Kuta, so we decided to enjoy sunset on Kuta beach. And it was..... amazing!

It somehow reminds me of Sarasdewi's Lembayung Bali song. 

Second Day

Second day was unexpected, unpredictable, yet unforgettable. We planned to go to Canggu and in the middle of our way to Canggu, Chitra and I got an accident. But, we finally reached Canggu. Canggu is also beautiful and.... calming. The beach has a big waves and I like it very much. 

Calming and relaxing to the mind and eyes.

After that, actually we planned to treat our injuries in the clinic but the time was running out, so we decided to go to Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak to enjoy the sunset there, instead. It was fun to spend time at Potato Head. I swam, sang, and danced to beat while enjoyed the sunset. 

Pleasant time at Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak.

From Potato Head, we straightly went to clinic and treated our injuries. Mine was only a very small injury but since there was a sand tucked into my injured skin, the treatment was very torturing. But, the treatment healed the pain instantly. At the night after took some food, shower, and rest, we had some dance. It proved that my injured foot was healed up. 

Third Day 

On the third day, and also our last day, we went to famous gelato place in Seminyak, Gusto Gelato & Caffe. Gusto offers a lot of flavor of gelato. The gelato is tasty and delicious. It fits with beach nuance and Bali's sunny weather. 

The delicious and well-know Gusto Gelato!

After that, we returned the motorcycle to the rental on Kuta and we bought some souvernir before go home. And oh yes, we had some betutu chicken with its sambal matah for lunch. It's mandatory menu that you have to try when you are on Bali!


Chitra and I had a night flight that took us home. I had a good time and hope I'll go to Bali again, soon! 

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