Short Vacation to Honje Eco Lodge, Ujung Kulon National Park

As Jakarta workers who work so hard from nine to five and make a friend with hustle bustle, sometimes we need an escape to a peace and beautiful place to release the stress and pressure. When you really need to escape, but you don't have so much time, you can go to Honje Eco Lodge. It's located on Ujung Kulon National Park (or Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon in Bahasa), Banten. I think Honje is almost perfect!

You can stay in the beach house that real near to the private beach. Like, you only need 10 steps to go to beach, yes, real near! You can hang and swing your hammock on the trees and relax. 

I went to Honje with some close office mates of mine. Yes, it was more like a farewell trip (or not really farewell since we still often hang out together), since some of us, including me, decided to resign from the office. Yes, four out of eight people who joined the trip, to be exact. We went to Honje Eco Lodge a week before my last day, and the trip was unforgettable. 

We didn't do so much thing. No snorkling, no tracking around the forest, no sightseeing the rhinos (yes, Ujung Kulon Natinal Park is well-known as the habitat of rhinos). It was only us, enjoyed the time, talked about everything from heart to heart, acted like child who throw beach sand to each other, played cards and warewolf, sang and danced, swam in the oceans, listened to the natural beach sound, relaxed and played under the sun. 

I arrived there on Saturday morning after took five-hour (or six, or even seven? sorry I forget the exact time) road trip from Jakarta. My first impression to the view was..... great. I felt really captivated by the view. And yes, it really is, the view is great! The private beach seems so clean and, yes... private, hahaha. It just us and other visitors who played on the beach. 

One blissful morning at Ujung Kulon National Park. 

See? It's very beautiful, picturesque, and peace. 

Just like what I said above, we didn't do much of tourist thing, but we did more intimate things, we made memories and moments that we can remember forever (sounds cheesy and exaggerate, I know, but it is true, you know). It was like what we have been planned before we go, to take some rest and enjoy our time in a peace. And yes, we had fun and it felt like our energy was being recharged. 

Look! We can see that blue ocean water from our beach house. That close, that near, that relaxing. 

We really enjoy the trip and like always, hoping that we can come back again someday. I'm beyond in love with this place. 

"But I'm just to love you in any kind of way. But I fell love on the seaside, in the seaside.
- Seaside, The Kooks. 

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