Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Bangkok

Last month, I was invited by Warner Music Indonesia to watch Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Bangkok, Thailand. I was sent as music journalist from an Indonesian based online media. It was my second time to be sent aboard as a Journalist. Last year, HBO invited me to Singapore and had some interview with James Marsden, a Westworld's actor (I consider to write about it on my blog too. Soon!). I know I really am lucky since everyone (yes, like everyone) wants to watch their concert.

So on one Friday morning at April 7th 2017, I went to Bangkok. I flew from Cengkareng to Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok. Ya, it's Coldplay and it's Bangkok! Again, I really am lucky. 

There were some obstacles when our group headed to the venue. First, there was a long queue on airport's immigration (and yes, as I expected before, almost all of people on the airport went to Bangkok for Coldplay). After survived the immigration queue, we had to face Bangkok's traffic jam. 

The traffic was so bad, especially around the venue. We finally decided to reach the venue on Rajamangala National Stadium on foot. But, yes, we are finally MADE IT TO COLDPLAY!

Coldplay's Bangkok concert was.......AMAZING! I can say that it was almost perfect. I love their setlist. They were not only played their new songs, but also played some of their old songs. But, the best thing about the setlist was how the setlist successfully touched everyone's heart. They arranged the setlist perfectly and made the concert felt so emotional. I cried two times at the concert. 

Other things that I love about this concert are the lighting, the ambiance and the concept. They made the perfect lighting on the stage and also the great ambiance by Coldplay's glow in the dark signature wristband. And yes, the concept. The concept was perfect! They made it as if every each song has its own story. They made it with confetti, fireworks, and also some balls. I love it very much!

I feel so lucky that I have a chance to witness Coldplay's live performance. They are so great. I'm in love with them and instantly became huge fan of them after watch the concert (I bought their CD on Warner Music Thailand booth in the venue as to prove my fidelity toward them, haha). 

Honestly, before the concert I never called my self as a huge fan of Coldplay. Of course, just like everyone else, I listen to them and grow up with some of their songs (who doesn't anyway?), but I never thought that I really listen to them, especially after Ghost Stories album (even I really am in love with O from Ghost Stories). I only listen to some of their songs from their old albums casually, and started listen to them again since A Head Full of Dreams album. But, somehow, when I listen to their songs, some of them remind me of some particular memories and then become my life soundtrack, just like Yellow, Paradise, The Scientist, Everglow, and so on (it was one of the reasons why I was really excited to watch them). 

In the end I realize, Coldplay always there. Their songs always there from I was a kid until now. And yes, after the concert, I realize one thing, I am a huge fan of them. I really in love with them, their stage act, and their songs. I promise my self, if I get another chance to watch them again someday, I definitely will take it! So, see you again Coldplay!

P.S. click here to read my published report from Bangkok on the media I'm working for. 

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